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not sure how'd find this quite lovely site but hey, welcome! scroll more..

this place that you're seeing is now in construction and vaguely updated by yours truly webmaster, viter! and i talk about music in here most of the time but durango's actually is just some scrappy space for me to put my beloved interests into without much thought about it.

it's mostly music and other types of media though,,, don't expect much than that lol and crochet too! have fun s2


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19/11/23 - new log on the scribble ribble diary!

03/11/23 - first log is up on the scribble ribble diary!

31/10/23 - my favorite hor dj sets on

29/10/23 - sketchy stitches got its first log!

27/10/23 - durango is up! finally!!


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